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8th Annual Collaborative National Hui


Thank you to all those that attended our 8th Annual Collaborative National Hui on 8 and 9 April 2016 at .

A big thank you to our sponsors who made it possible for the Hui happen: Ministry of Youth Development, Ministry of Health,Ministry of Education and the Health Promotion Agency.


The 2016 Hui 'More than words –Extending Skills for Youth Development and Wellbeing' focussed on developing skills for :


- Enriching Wellbeing in Self and Others,
- Enhancing Youth Health and Development,
- Accessing, Understanding and Implementing Research and Evaluation.

Through delivering practical workshops and powerful presentations as to how to positively impact youth health and development! Check out some of the presentations below.

Research, EPoster and Keynote presentations from the 2016 Collaborative Hui:

ePoster Presentations

Brief Research Presentations

Keynote Presentation: Sofie Hampton. Improving the mental health system; A youth perspective

Keynote Presentation: David Bennett. Nurturing Resilience and Wellbeing in Young People







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