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Vulnerable Children - debriefing the SYHPANZ conference (Sue Bagshaw, August 2016).

Whanau Wellbeing Collaboration: A ground-up process to developing youth wellbeing resources. A cultural partnership approach to supporting the wellbeing of families in post-disaster Christchurch New Zealand. (Anna Thorpe and Sue Turner, 25 October 2016). 
Perspectives on Youth Alcohol Use (Sarah Wylie, 13 September 2016) Audio / Notes / Full report 

Sexualization of Childhood Debates and the Implications for Sexuality Education:
Strengths Based, Experiential Leadership Learning for Youth (Rachel Hawthorne, 12 May 2015)

Youth2000: Insights from ten years of youth health surveys. Implications for health services (SYHPANZ Forum on School Health Services, 19 June 2015).


Youth Attitudes to Alcohol/Drug Services (23 June): Issues that young people call the ADHelpline to discuss (Shay and Steve Langley - Counsellors on the AlcoholDrugHelpline).

The Faith Dimension: The connection between spirituality, religiosity, wellbeing (results from the iFaith Study) 15 September 2015 access the presentation here and video here.

Text Message Wellbeing Interventions ( Emily Arps, September 2015) video here, powerpoint available here


Who You Know and How You Are Known - Children's Perspectives of Neighbourhood Video and Presentation (Rosee Hodgson, 27 October 2015)

Psychosocial Wellbeing. Communities, Families, and Youth (Amba Sepie, 8 December 2015)
View the report here / Lay report here



Are our young people all right?: an overview of the research which underpins the All Right? campaign – held 3rd April 2014. Lucy D'Aeth 

Voices in Youth Justice (Lisa Newick, May 2014)

Nerd alert! Nerd Alert” Gifted and talented adolescents searching for a “fit” in the world of school (Louise Tapper, August 2014) 

Alcohol, Sex and the Developing Brain. Sue Bagshaw, 20 December 2014.



Mental Health and Alcohol & Drug Services, at Waipuna, Saint John of God (Mark Radford, February 2013)  

The Voice of Young people for the Rebuild of Christchurch – (Sarah McKay & Sue Bagshaw, March 2013) Presentation 1, Presentation 2.

Narratives from the margins: Growing up Māori and kāpo in Aotearoa NZ  (Dr Hazel Phillips,  May 2013) 

Challenging the Silence,  issues in relation to male victim/survivors of sexual abuse.  (Ken Clearwater, June 2013)  

Disrupting Heteronormativity: A High School Student Queer–Straight Alliance as a Site of Peer Learning (Kathleen Quinlivan, October 2013) 

The Student Wellbeing Model (SWBM) (Anne Soutter, Dec 2013)



Towards a Learning Identity: Young people becoming learners after leaving school (Dr Jane Higgins, March 2012) 

The follow up of people who present in ED with suicide attempt (David Cairns, June 2012)

Professional responses to male survivors of childhood sexual abuse (Silas Thielmann, August 2012)

Outcomes in a Youth Dedicated Therapeutic Community AOD Programme (Ria Schoder, October 2012)

How co-existing disorders affect the completion of adolescent developmental tasks (Cathy Cooper,  December 2012)


Reflections from the Involve Conference (Sue Bagshaw & Hannah Dunlop, February 2011)

Using the Family Partnership Model in practice (Marg Bigsby, May 2011) 

Statistics that Matter (Gythlian Loveday & Elaine McLardy, June 2011)


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