Our Vision

To support healthy, mana enhancing development of rangatahi (young people) in Aotearoa

Our Mission

To be responsive to the needs of those who work with or support rangatahi through:

  • Research and Evaluation
  • Training
  • Advocacy

Our Values

  • To work in partnership with Māori and honour the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • To be a bicultural organisation that is inclusive of all cultures, ethnicities and identities
  • To maintain youth participation at all levels of the organisation
  • As a Pacific nation, we seek to honour the contribution of Pasifika people and the 'Pacific Way'
  • To promote holistic views of healthy development which include wellbeing in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, family, school and community areas of life
  • To work by co-ordination, sharing and strengthening

Our Working Model

We ensure people working with or supporting young people have access to high quality information about healthy youth development relevant to rangatahi in Aotearoa, New Zealand by producing:

  • community-based research that aligns with other research to inform the knowledge base about healthy youth development
  • evidence-informed training that supports the healthy development of rangatahi
  • evaluations of programmes and services provided for youth

We ensure the voices of rangatahi are included in the knowledge base about healthy youth development because:

  • we are an organisation that is focused on research/evaluation and training by, with and for young people
  • we strive to involve rangatahi in every aspect of our organisation by recruiting and training young people as researchers, educators, and board members

We advocate for evidence-informed policy and practice that enhances healthy youth development by:

  • providing space for youth voices to be heard
  • working to support greater dissemination and translation of youth development research

Short History

The Collaborative Trust began in 2003 with community meetings at which the three goals of research, training and advocacy were agreed on. After a scoping project in 2004 the new Trust was registered in 2005, and a manager appointed. The structure of the organization was developed by the board to formalize the function of training and research committees with chairpersons and a Director. These were all staffed by volunteers. The first activity of the Trust was to run a seminar series giving local researchers the opportunity to share their work with the community. Our first one day hui was based around local researchers talking about their work with the community . This has grown to a two day national hui with a pre-hui workshop. We have undertaken many funded research, evaluation and training contracts both nationally and locally. Topic based workshops have been the most recent training activity and a Youth Health and Development resource manual has been sold across the country to a wide range of professionals. The finances of the Trust have been built to the extent that we are supported by a part-time Research and Evaluation, Training and Administration Manager. All other work is supported by our dedicated team of contractors and volunteers.