"Been There: Young People's Stories of Struggle and Hope"

A collection of stories from 25 NZ rangatahi, edited by Steve Langley, with an introduction by youth health specialist Dr Sue Bagshaw, and a poem (to a young patient) and commentary by poet and Youth Clinic GP, Dr Glenn Colquhoun.

All the young people have written about a crisis or struggle and what has given them the hope to endure and to pull through. The remarkable openness of their writing means that you will feel anger at the way some young people are treated and admiration for their honesty and courage. You will find their stories sobering, insightful, sensitive and very moving.

Many have commented on how valuable it was to them to write their story – to actually detail their experience, many for the first time. This makes it a valuable resource for anyone working with young people, and for young people themselves, many of whom may be facing similar challenges.

What people are saying about the book:

“English teachers will find this book to be a valuable resource, especially with student well-being at the forefront of many schools’ work at the moment. It offers a range of experiences and perspectives around facing adversity and finding hope which students will find informative, reassuring and, in many cases, inspiring.”  Megan Taylor, Lecturer in Education, Teacher Training

“I found it so good to write all this down. Thank you so much for the opportunity.” A young person

“I must admit there was a moment of hesitation when I went to hit the ‘send’ button – I don’t believe I have ever chronologically worked through my journey like this before, nor shared it with those other than my close circle. I felt vulnerable, but the writing process was empowering for me. Such a powerful and meaningful project.  I feel privileged to be a part of it.”  A young person

Thanks for letting me have the chance to write this piece, it really means a lot and it is going to hopefully help a lot of people going through the same thing!  A young person

"I love it!! The stories are amazing and powerful."  Dr Simon Denny, Director of Mater Young Adult Health Centre, South Brisbane

“Just attempting this task has been a wonderful opportunity for students to consider moments of hope in their life and to try to put them into words. So, thank you for that opportunity – even just in my classes, young people have been helped significantly." Rebecca Ball, English Teacher

"I really want to give a few copies to my school because I know there are a lot of kids in need of this book." A young person

"I am meant to be writing an exam but I started reading your book. I haven’t put it down yet. So powerful." Tracy Clelland, Lecturer in Education, Health and Human Development.

"One of the best Young Adult books of 2019" - Christchurch City Libraries

Now in it's third printing with over 800 copies sold. All profits go to the new Christchurch Youth Hub development.

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