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Helping Achieve Positive Outcomes for Rangatahi

Why We Advocate for Youth

The Collaborative Trust is aware of a responsibility to advocate for positive outcomes for young people through improvements in the policies and procedures involved in supporting and working with them.


Our advocacy is carried out in many ways.


  • Research in positive youth development, carried out by us and others, and the input from rangatahi/young people themselves, drives all our training and advocacy, and ensures that we are relevant and up-to-date.

  • We advocate for a better deal for young people through our positive youth development training of those working with them, their whānau and services that support them.

  • Our commitment to involving rangatahi in all aspects of our work ensures that they can help us to keep it real.


The knowledge gained from rangatahi, from the professionals we train in our interactive workshops, and from our research, ensures that we can speak with authority about what young people need to develop well and contribute to the communities they live in.

Types of Advocacy

Public Support and Recommendations for Causes and Policy

Advocacy - Policy Change.jpg

Advocating for policy change to better protect and support youth, eg alcohol law reform.

Advocacy - Media .jpg

Offering an expert, respected voice to the media on matters relating to youth health and development.

Pushing for funding to go towards youth health and mental health services.

Advocacy - Funding.jpg

Standing with youth in their peaceful protests for a better future.

Advocacy - Protests (1).jpg
Advocacy - Climate Change.jpg

Making submissions to government on wider issues relating to young people, eg climate change.

Advocacy - Holistic Health.jpg

Promoting holistic views of positive youth development and wellbeing.

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