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Research & Evaluation

The Collaborative Trust contributes to developing knowledge about youth health and development by undertaking quality research and evaluation.

Additionally, The Collaborative Trust's team of researchers and evaluators provide consultation, supervision and oversight of a number of community-based and student-based youth health and development projects.

Research & Evaluation Services


Academic research in youth health and development with the aim of creating new knowledge


Commissioned research with the objective of meeting the needs of the commissioning body.


Community research in partnership with community organisations to meet the research needs of the organisation.


Programme and project evaluation.

Our Research & Evaluation Team

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Our team of experts:

Ensure a high standard of research and evaluation by providing ethical guidelines, supervision and peer support.

Implement the research strategy in youth health and development for the Collaborative Trust.


Provide opportunities for dissemination of results, and to involve youth and the community in research and evaluation.

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