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Community Groups

People working in the community space, whether paid or as a volunteer, value training that helps them understand and support the rangatahi in their community. Whether the organisation directly supports youth or the wider community, our workshops can help them support young people's development.

Workshops for Community Organisations

Workshops can be booked by any community organisation for people who live or work in their community. They can be booked individually or we can create a series of workshops tackling areas specific to that community or group, and deliver them over an agreed period of time.

Workshops can be held in evenings and weekends if necessary; with two hour, three hour, half-day and full day options.

Once we understand what areas your community or group are looking to strengthen, we deliver workshops to suit. The workshops below are commonly chosen by community organisations looking to better understand and support youths in their communities so they can help them develop to their full potential.

Popular Workshops

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss options for your community group.
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