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Government organisations set up to help rangatahi have staff working with young people - sometimes very troubled ones - every day. Staff may find themselves dealing with young people who are working through challenges that they would like more training on.

Workshops for Government Organisations

Workshops can be booked individually or we can create a series of workshops and deliver them to your staff throughout the year.

Workshops can be tailored to suit availability; with 3-hour, half-day and full day options at any time of day that will allow the greatest number of staff to attend. One or two hour presentations, or online webinars can also be accommodated to make training more accessible.

Fill us in on what areas you would like help with, and we will deliver workshops to suit. The workshops below are commonly chosen by government organisations looking for training on how to better understand and support rangatahi. 

Popular Workshops

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss options for staff in your government department.
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