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Parents may find themselves struggling to understand what their children are going through. The speed of technological change, social media, what kids have access to online, bullying, climate change, natural disasters, COVID-19 - our kids are navigating a very different world to the one we grew up in. We help parents understand and support their kids through these unsettling times.

Workshops for Parents

Parent workshops can be booked by anyone. Typically organisations book them as part of their workplace wellbeing programme, schools and PTAs book for their parents, and community organisations and councils often run workshops for parents in their local region. Workshops can be booked individually or we can create a series of workshops tackling your parents' main concerns and deliver them over an agreed period of time.

Workshops can be held in evenings and weekends if necessary to accommodate working parents; with options ranging from one and half hours to full days, in-person or online. 

Once we understand what areas your parents would like help with, we deliver workshops to suit. The workshops below have been commonly chosen by parents looking to better understand and support their kids and improve relationships.

Popular Workshops

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