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Submit a Piece on Hope

A black image with the word Hope

WANTED: Young people to write about what their hope is for the future.

The Collaborative Trust focuses on positive youth development. Our vision is 'Healthy Rangatahi: valued, supported, and positively involved in life."

We are starting on Part 3 of a project on Hope.

Part 1 was the book 'Been There: Young People's Stories of Struggle and Hope' and the collection of 25 stories has sold over 800 copies so far.

Part 2 was a major research project, designed and run by rangatahi, asking what hope means to young people.

Part 3 starts now. We want young people to write a piece about what their hope is for the future. With the high cost of living, uncertainty about jobs, climate change etc, it is important to hear what young people are hoping for.

So we are inviting young people to write a piece, in any style, and anything up to about 500 words on what their hope is for the future, including name and age. All pieces accepted will be published on The Collaborative Trust website.

Submit your piece here. Please include your name (full name or just first name and initial of last name), age, and an image to accompany your piece (maybe a pic of you!). We look forward to reading it.


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