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Youth Voice Report for the Nation Action Plan Against Racism in Aotearoa

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"Without racism Aotearoa would be better"

Mokopuna share their experiences with racism and solutions to end it

This recent report is the outcome of a collaboration between Mana Mokopuna – Children and Young People’s Commission (Mana Mokopuna), the Ministry of Justice (the Ministry) and National Iwi Chairs Forum (NICF). The Ministry and NICF asked the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (predecessor to Mana Mokopuna) to engage with children and young people to ensure their voices were heard in the development of the Nation Action Plan Against Racism. These engagements aimed to ensure that children and young people had their views heard on matters that affect them.

'We aim to listen to, engage with, and reflect the voices of mokopuna and share them with decision-makers' said Mana Mokopuna – Children and Young People’s Commission is an Independent Crown Entity, established under the Children and Young People’s Commission Act 2022.

Most of the engagements with mokopuna focused on three areas of inquiry: 

1) What are your positive experiences of culture, tradition, and language? 

2) What is racism and how have you experienced it? 

3) What should happen to address and eliminate racism?

Racism is one of the big issues affecting the lives of mokopuna in Aotearoa New Zealand, and which they want to see action on to create positive change. They want to be part of making this change.

Chief Childrens Commissioner, Dr Claire Achmad, addressed the young people who took part in the study. 'What you have shared is both deeply saddening, but also full of aspiration for a better today and a better future – one that is built on care, love and unity, and which upholds Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the full range of rights for all children under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child'.

'I believe this future is possible, and that our country’s mokopuna hold the keys to this generational change. Let us walk together on a pathway to change that creates kinder, more inclusive and collective communities and systems, and a society that chooses to celebrate and value difference, honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi, fosters belonging for all, and builds on the deep promise that our bicultural foundations create for our multicultural nation'.

Key Insights:

  1. We experience racism in lots of different ways

  2. Racism is everywhere

  3. Connection to my culture helps me feel that I belong

  4. We have aspirations for an Aotearoa that is free from racism

  5. We have lots of solutions to end racism, but action is essential

This report shares these insights as a light to drive out the darkness of racism as informed by and for the mokopuna of Aotearoa New Zealand. Based on what we have heard from them, Mana Mokopuna calls for action to end racism in Aotearoa New Zealand, and advocates for a rights-based approach to ending racism. We urge the government, decision-makers, school leadership and those with influence in the lives of mokopuna to listen to them and play their part to end racism. Based on what we have heard from the mokopuna who shared their experiences and aspirations, we have developed a Mana Mokopuna ‘Call to Action’ focusing on ending racism in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The message from the mokopuna in this report is clear: every action to eradicate racism is important and can make a difference, every action counts, and we can all play our part.

To view the full report - click the link below:


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