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Calming Your Child

Dame Sue Bagshaw and Michael Hempseed have written a new book called Calming Your Child. Many families, grandparents and teachers are becoming overwhelmed with the rise in severe behavioural problems that a lot of children are experiencing. In this book we look at a wide range of possible causes of behavioural problems and an even wider range of solutions. We were both frustrated that many books would just offer one or two solutions. These are complex issues and often there are several factors at play here.

Here are some of the endorsements we have had...
“Profound insights derived from decades of experience.”
—Dr. Stephen Porges, world-renowned neuroscientist
“A fine book that has everything parents will need to help a distressed child.”

—Patch Adams, MD, bestselling author and Nobel Peace Prize nominee
​​"Calming Your Child is essential reading, whether you are a parent or not. It provides solid references and strategies to deal with the challenging task of raising a child and to prepare them for life as an adult in a turbulent, fast-paced society."

Captain Kevin Sullivan, author of No Man's Land: The Untold Story of Automation on QF72.
Topics covered include…
- Anxiety
- Sleep
- The importance of free play
- Healing trauma
- Sensory issues
- Neurodiversity
And more...


Calming Your Child

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