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Schools & Uni's

Students are facing unique challenges that teachers and lecturers may feel ill-equipped to handle. We provide professional development workshops for your staff tackling the issues and challenges students and staff are facing.

Workshops for Teachers & Lecturers

Workshops can be booked individually or we can create a series of workshops and deliver them to your staff throughout the year.

Workshops can be tailored to suit availability; with 3-hour, half-day and full day options. Teacher-only days are ideal for PD and we can also run workshops outside of the typical school or university work day to accomodate the greatest number of staff.

Once we understand what areas you would like help with, we deliver workshops to suit. The workshops below are commonly chosen by schools and universities looking for professional development and training on how to better understand and work with students. 

Popular Workshops

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss options for your school or university.
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