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When younger staff are facing challenges they don't know how to handle, and older staff are struggling to help their children with the same issues, staff wellbeing and performance is impacted. Our workshops are ideal as part of your staff wellbeing programme.

Workshops for Workplaces

Workshops can be booked individually or we can create a series of workshops to suit your needs and deliver them to your staff throughout the year.

Workshops can be run at any time of day, with 3-hour, half-day and full day workshops available. One and two hour presentations can also be accommodated if that will ensure attendance by more staff.

We'll work with you to deliver workshops that tackle topics to help leadership and staff work with and support young people in the workplace and at home. The workshops below are some of the more popular ones amongst workplaces but we may isolate other areas that we can help with, too.

Popular Workshops

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss options for workplace wellbeing workshops.
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