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For organisations and people who support or work with young people

How We Help

We ensure people working with or supporting young people have access to high quality information on healthy youth development relevant to rangatahi in Aotearoa, New Zealand, through:

Evidence-informed training that includes the voices of young people to support the healthy development of rangatahi

Community-based research that aligns with other research to inform the knowledge base about healthy youth development

We advocate for evidence-informed policy and practice that enhances healthy youth development

Training & Professional Development

We provide training via in-person and online workshops, presentations, and webinars to organisations who work with, for, or support young people.


Organisations, schools, community groups, and parents choose The Collaborative Trust to deliver training because workshops are based on the latest evidence-based research and delivered by an experienced educator and a youth tutor, with a strong focus on Positive Youth Development. Practical and informative, they are designed around your specific needs to inspire positive change within your team.

Help your organisation, group, team, or parents to support young people's wellbeing so that they can develop to their full potential.

Research & Evaluation

The Collaborative Trust contributes to developing knowledge about youth health and development by undertaking quality research and evaluation. We undertake academic research, commissioned research, and community research, along with programme and project evaluation. Contact us to discuss your research and evaluation needs.

And don't forget to check out our recent wins! We were thrilled that our qualitative project on understanding the size and scope of pornography use by young New Zealanders, undertaken in partnership with the Classification Office, was awarded the Supreme Award from the European Society for Opinion and Market Research Effectiveness, as well as the award for the Best Social and Community Research.

Hands Up


We advocate for evidence-informed policy and practice that enhances healthy youth development by providing space for youth voices to be heard, and working to support greater dissemination and translation of youth development research.


It All Started Twenty Years Ago

The Collaborative Trust began in 2003 with community meetings at which the three goals of training, research, and advocacy were agreed on. Initially staffed by volunteers, the organisation's first activity was to run a seminar series giving local researchers the opportunity to share their work with the community. Since then we have undertaken many funded research, evaluation and training contracts both nationally and locally. In 2023, topic-based interactive workshops are hugely in demand.


Based in Christchurch, we are available to help no matter where you are located in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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Available to Purchase

Been There

Young people's stories of struggle and hope.

Youth Health Manual

Enhancing the skills of primary care practitioners in caring for all young New Zealanders.

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