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A workshop to help you understand young people and be able to communicate with them better.


Have you heard of this tool for working with young people? Ever wondered what the letters stand for? Have you had trouble communicating with young people?

You are not alone. The brains of young people are mysterious. How do you know what is going on? If you would like to understand young people and be able to communicate with them better, whether you are a teacher, police officer, counsellor, parent, administration worker, social worker or youth worker, you need to come to this interactive workshop.

This workshop will equip you with:
* An understanding of adolescent brain development
* An understanding of why HEADSS is an essential tool to use in youth health
* Skills to conduct a HEADSS assessment

While a fellow at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Dr. Cohen refined a system for organising the psychosocial history that was developed in 1972 by Dr. Harvey Berman of Seattle. The system has been used successfully around the world, in the adolescent health care field. This method structures questions so as to facilitate communication and to create a sympathetic, confidential, respectful environment where youth may be able to attain adequate health care. The approach is known as the acronym HEADSS.

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