A senior student and I attended a Gender Diversity workshop run by the Collaborative Trust.  It was excellent, full of useful information and tailored to the participants. We learned a lot of conceptual and practical information, and it was all engagingly presented.  As a result of this Tammy Andrew presented to our BOT and guided the BOT on a potential course of action for our school to understand and address of inclusion. Again, the presentation to the BOT was expertly done.  I recommend The Collaborative Trust to other schools.  

Richard Edmundson, Linwood College Tumuaki-Principal
June 2019


Michael is a passionate and engaging facilitator with a strong mental health research background who offers many helpful insights and a hopeful message. Sue is an absolute treasure to the youth sector for offering such a wealth of knowledge to those working with young people. Her genuine care of their wellbeing is evident in her mahi and in the wisdom she has to share. Ari offers a valuable perspective and understanding that would benefit all those working with young people. As a member of the rainbow community, they are a strong advocate for better outcomes for our young people and offers support to those seeking to transform or strengthen the services they deliver.

Anna Churnside, Canterbury Youth Workers Collective
July 2019