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Expand your skills to support young people even better. With a focus on Positive Youth Development, our workshops are practical, evidence-based, informative and relevant.

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Better Results

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Improved Mental and Physical Health

Physical and mental health professionals may want to, or be expected to recognise issues and provide support that falls outside the usual scope of their role. Others may be looking for additional training to help them stay up to date. We provide training for GP's, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, midwives, physiotherapists, dentists, occupational therapists - any professional in the health space that sees or treats young people. Professional development workshops can be tailored to train your frontline healthcare professionals in these wider areas of youth health.

Students are facing unique challenges that teachers, lecturers, in-house counsellors and nurses sometimes feel ill-equipped to handle. Yet they may find that the responsibility for dealing with some of these issues is sitting squarely on their shoulders. They can be the first to spot the signs or be the first trusted adult that a young person talks to, so it's important they get it right. Professional development workshops can be run on topics that tackle those areas they most want help with.



Staff Wellbeing

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Better Support

The challenges young people are facing today are different to those that previous generations faced and these can impact them at work as well as at home. Managers and colleagues may be looking for help to recognise and support their younger staff members as they navigate these challenges. Older staff are often also struggling to support their children facing similar challenges, which can impact on their own wellbeing and performance. Workshops can be designed to suit topics specific to your organisation's needs.

Government organisations set up to support rangatahi have staff working with young people - sometimes very troubled ones - every day. Staff may find themselves dealing with some of the most challenging of issues and may feel like they are not qualified to handle them. Organisations that support the wider family and whānau may also need to provide guidance and support to the adults caring for youth. Training can be tailored to suit the specific youth health and development issues your teams are dealing with.

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Better Understanding

There are many community organisations set up specifically to either help young people directly, or to help their local community in general. These organisations are often supported by teams of volunteers. People working in the community space may be crying out for training to help them work with youth better. We provide training for your staff or local community to help them understand and support rangatahi in their community. Workshops can be run on topics specific to your organisation's or community's needs.

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Improved Relationships

Parents may find themselves struggling to understand what their children are going through. The speed of technological change, social media, what their kids have access to online, bullying, climate change, COVID-19 - young people today are navigating a very different world to that their parents experienced. Parents are looking to learn everything they can to help and support their children, so we deliver workshops to PTA and community parent groups on those topics they are most needing help with.

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